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Maximum protection for your phone:

Display breakage? 150 € refund with protection promise, phone case & protection glass.
Sustainable protective glass from Oceanmata®
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Designed with love for the ocean

Your chance to make a difference!

"Do you feel helpless in the fight against Ocean Plastic?"

"I felt the same way. Then the idea was born to offer sustainable products that everyone can use to collect 1 kg of Ocean Plastic. Because small steps achieve big things. So we have already been able to collect over 200,000 kg of ocean plastic."

~ Dominik

Founder of Oceanmata

Already more than 150,000 Oceanmata members

Together for a plastic-free future

With over 150,000 Oceanmata members working together for a cleaner environment, we are a harmonious community. When will you become a part of our sustainable mission? Together we are creating a better world!

PS: The picture shows a wall of flipflops and caps. Come and visit us in Bali!