Our clean-up project in Medewi,
Day by day Kilo by kilo 
to a plastic-free ocean

Thanks to your help, we've already been able 

78,813 KG

Ocean plastic collection and recycling.

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Controlled data through "Oceanmata Plastic Tracking
Evidence to the ocean plastic
Every kilogram is precisely documented

With your purchase, we promise to collect at least 1 kg of ocean plastic for you, and we want to prove it to you. That's why our crew documents exactly every kilogram of ocean plastic collected.

What do we do with the collected ocean plastic
After the plastic is collected, weighed, photographed and recorded in the Plastic Tracker by Team Oceanmata Bali, it is taken to our local recycling facility. 

At the recycling plant, it is sorted by type of plastic, color and condition. The sorted ocean plastic then travels to our recycling partner for further processing. There it is then crushed, washed and further processed into pellets. These pellets can then be used to make new products without producing new plastic.

Recycling is always the highest priority. However, there are certain materials that are too polluted or economically just not suitable for recycling in some countries. We work with various local facilities to find the most sustainable disposal method for these materials.

After all other recycling methods have been exhausted, we are sometimes forced to dispose of materials responsibly through heat treatment, which is the conversion of waste into electricity, or otherwise.

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