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Phone Strap from Oceanmata for your smartphone

A little more than two years ago the exciting journey of Oceanmata started! Namely with a vacation of our founder Dominik and his girlfriend in Sri Lanka. But besides beautiful dream beaches and delicious food, the two of them remembered one thing above all: the omnipresent plastic waste, which somewhat clouds the image of this great country. But the cause of this often lies in the global north, as our garbage is often transported abroad and then ends up in the sea via rivers or other ways. So the decision was quickly made that Dominik wanted to tackle exactly this problem. With another trip to Bali, the basic idea of Oceanmata was born: sustainable cell phone cases and accessories that do not pollute the ocean further due to the biodegradable material and even remove plastic from the sea!

Find out how and what you can expect at Oceanmata here!

Safety, flexibility and comfort

One of these accessory products is the practical Phone Strap. We have been offering sustainable phone straps in black, pink and turquoise for a few months now. But watch out! This is not only a fashion accessory - the Phone Strap is also super practical! Through the loop, the cell phone is better in the hand and allows you in addition to additional security and uncomplicated one-handed use. In addition, the Phone Strap can be used as a practical stand, with which you can set up your phone and, for example, watch Netflix on your phone during long train rides very relaxed. Our Phone Strap is the perfect everyday companion!

The Phone Strap is super easy to attach to your phone case! Clean the phone case, peel off the paper around the adhesive strip, place the Phone Strap in the middle and straight on the case and press the Phone Strap for 10-20 seconds. In general, the Phone Strap can be attached to any phone case and even to the engraved cases of our Special Editions. The Phone Strap has a size of about 9.8cm x 1.9cm.

The best protection for your phone and the ocean

The Phone Strap from Oceanmata not only protects your smartphone with a more secure grip, but also protects the ocean! Surely you're wondering how that's supposed to work. Here's the answer: the Phone Strap is made of a biodegradable plastic that decomposes faster and in a more environmentally friendly way than conventional plastic. This prevents the Phone Strap from ending up back in the ocean after use and causing further harm to marine life. In addition, our hardworking Oceanmata team in Bali collects 1 kg of plastic from the island's beaches for every product sold. This is then taken to our own on-site Clean-Up Station, cleaned and sorted. Suitable plastic can then be reused for recycling.

All our products are also packaged and shipped plastic-free and environmentally friendly. For shipping, we have chosen boxes made from grass paper, which consists of 60% recycled paper and 40% grass. However, we are already working on a smaller shipping option in order to send small items, such as the Phone Strap, as resource-friendly as possible. Your order will be shipped CO2 neutral via DHL Green.

Phone Case and other products from Oceanmata

However, our specialty at Oceanmata are Cell phone cases made of biodegradable plastic. You can find them in eight different colors, designs and versions, such as cases with a practical cell phone chain. For each case sold, 1 kg of plastic is collected in Bali and with a case from one of our special editions you also support the respective organization that works to protect turtles, corals, dolphins or sharks. Phone cases from Oceanmata are available for the most popular iPhone models and some selected Samsung devices.

For the all-round protection of your smartphone you will also find the right protective glass made of robust bulletproof glass. Thus, your display is also optimally protected against the dangers of everyday life, scratches and falls.

Want more Oceanmata, but your phone is already well covered? Discover our fashionable T-shirts in the styles ,,Wave of Change" and ,,Coral" or the symbolic sponsorships for turtles and corals.

Quality, transparency and customer proximity

We stand behind the quality of our products and that's why we created Oceanmata Care. If your smartphone suffers any damage despite the Oceanmata phone case and protective glass, we will contribute 150€ to the repair costs. In addition, you can easily return your products within 100 days, if you are not completely satisfied, have changed your mind or you do not like the phone strap. And also in case of a complaint or an exchange, our customer service is at your disposal with an open ear. Just contact us via chat or email and within 24 hours we will have the right solution for you.

In addition to environmental sustainability, social sustainability is also very important to us. We ensure fair working conditions, fair pay and a high level of occupational safety for all our partners. This has also been certified by TÜV Rheinland at our production facility in China. Of course, we are aware that the production in China is not exactly optimal and that we also have a few other small weak points. But our approach is to deal with it openly and to work with you to find more suitable solutions. That's why you can also find a transparency page on our website, where we give you answers to the most burning questions about Oceanmata!