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Together we want to free the oceans from plastic waste.
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Cosy office in the old town of Augsburg:

Our office is located directly in the old town of Augsburg and is optimally connected to public transport. You can expect air-conditioned offices, height-adjustable desks, snacks and good coffee.

Work-life balance:
Even though we enjoy spending time together in the office, it's no problem if you're not there every now and then. How about a work session in a cafe or at home?

Young team:
We are a young team between 20 - 30 years and organize events together also outside our office (go-karting, bowling, Escape Room, ...).

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Unsolicited application

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Our team in Germany
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We are the Oceanmata team. Find out who is behind our shared vision to rid the oceans of plastic waste.

Dominik, 25


His vision is plastic-free waves around Bali - generally speaking, Dominik and his team are creating something big that has a positive impact on our environment. It's about ridding the oceans of plastic waste and producing sustainable everyday items. He lives the idea that together we can make anything possible.

Life motto

"I love anything to do with water, waves and boards".

Fabian, 30

Marketing & Design

Less is more - what Fabian says, he also lives. Therefore, for him, the vegan lifestyle is not just a trend, but a convinced attitude. His positive mindset as well as his inner center bring him new creative ideas every day. Through his conscious consumerism and living in harmony with nature, he wants to create a clean and sustainable environment in which many generations to come can live a harmonious life.

Life motto

"Challenge the known and embrace the unknown"

Ilse, 21

Social Media & Customer Support

Nature means to them: Freedom and quality of life. Through her place of residence in a small village in Italy, Ilse experiences a formative connection to nature. Watching humanity leave its mark on the earth makes her sad. Therefore, she has made it her mission to create waste-free places for the benefit of animals, people and nature.

Life motto

"You are never too small to make big things happen! "

Natalie, 31

Email & Blog

She has always wanted to find a job that makes a difference on this planet. She grew up in the Bavarian countryside, surrounded by mountains and nature and with an awareness of the interconnectedness of all living beings on this earth. In her private environment, she also advocates for a rethinking of sustainability and environmental awareness and tries to give a voice to the creatures that cannot speak.


Life Motto:

"It's not the experiences that make you who you are, it's the conclusions you draw from them."

Isabell, 26

Customer support

Until now, she has always been reluctant to answer the question of what she does for a living. Today she can answer with a pleasant feeling: "My team and I save the ocean every day. Nothing is more rewarding for her than to now be able to pursue her private vision of a more sustainable world and society on a professional level. With OceanMata's products, each individual can make a big difference. She finds this especially beautiful and is happy to advance this project with her team.


Life Motto:

"Question your actions daily, thinking of others and tomorrow."

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