Sustainable clothing

Sustainable clothing

Your T-shirt from Oceanmata

With a trip to Sri Lanka, Oceanmata founder Dominik laid the foundation for his own start-up Oceanmata about two years ago. During his stay in this impressive country, he and his girlfriend remembered one thing above all: mountains of garbage behind the huts, plastic packaging carelessly thrown out of the bus window and plastic bottles floating in the sea. From then on, it was clear to him that he wanted to do something about the plastic problem on our planet. Already in a previous study project Dominik developed a prototype for a sustainable cell phone cover and the idea was then finally rounded off with another trip to Bali. There, together with a local, he set up his own clean-up project with his own team, thus linking the sale of sustainable cell phone cases with the collection of plastic waste on the Indonesian island.

Two years later, the team in Germany has also grown to eight employees, and in addition to cell phone cases in a wide variety of designs, Oceanmata offers practical cell phone accessories, animal sponsorships and even certified T-shirts.

Find out what these shirts are all about and how you can even save the ocean with them here!

Coral Shirt or Wave of Change Shirt

Shirts from Oceanmata are available in two designs Wave of Change and Coral. Both models are suitable for all genders, figures and age groups due to the simple design and the loose cut - a shirt for everyone!

In the production of our shirts we also attach great importance to excellent quality, fair production and environmentally friendly materials. Therefore, our T-shirts are made of organic cotton and are also GOTS certified. This means that they comply with the "Global Organic Textile Standard" and also with the Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX for textiles tested for harmful substances. In addition, we work together with " fair wear". An organization that stands up for and ensures fair wages and a safe workplace for the seamstresses. Of course, it is also important to us to set an example for animal welfare in our merchandise, which is why no animal suffering occurs in the production of our shirts and this is also confirmed with the label"Peta Vegan". Also when printing our shirts, we have taken into account the sustainability principles and work here with the regional company "Textilmacher" in Munich to keep the production routes as short as possible. There is also a little surprise in the product label. This contains flower seeds that you can simply plant and let grow into beautiful summer flowers.

Environmentally friendly packaging and shipping

The Oceanmata shirts are packed in compostable polybags, which at first glance may look like conventional plastic packaging. However, the special thing about them is that they are compostable and therefore do not pollute the environment. The shirts are also shipped in boxes made of grass paper (70% recycled paper and 30% grass) and CO2 neutral via DHL Green.

Protect the ocean with a T-shirt

The t-shirts of Oceanmata are not only produced fair and environmentally friendly, but also save our oceans at the same time! On the one hand, we want to make a statement against "fast fashion" with the high quality and a corresponding price that reflects the true production costs. On the other hand - as with all our products - 1 kg of plastic is removed from the environment for every shirt sold. The plastic waste is collected by our team on Bali from the beaches of the island and then brought to the Oceanmata Clean-Up Station in Medewi. There, the plastic waste is cleaned, sorted and, if possible, further processed.

You free the ocean from plastic with the Wave of Change, as well as with the Coral Shirt. In addition, you support the organization EcosystemImpact with the purchase of the Coral Shirt. The team is active on two islands near Sumatra, Indonesia and works to protect and rebuild the coral reefs there. A portion of the proceeds from our Coral Edition will be donated to the project to fund training of locals, equipment and coral construction. The Coral Edition includes the Coral Case, the Coral Connect Case and coral sponsorships, which also make wonderful gifts.

Quality, transparency and service

We at Oceanmata attach great importance to the quality of our products. However, if you are not completely satisfied or have changed your mind, we have the right solution for you. Within 100 days you can return your item to us without any problems and of course you will get a full refund.

Another important value is transparency. We admit that we are not yet perfect and take you along on the journey to the optimal product in an open and honest way. You can find all answers to open questions on our transparency page. However, if your question is not answered there or you have another request, our customer service is always available to listen to you. Within a maximum of 24 hours you will receive an answer via our portal, by mail or chat and together we will almost always find a suitable solution.