sustainable Samsung shell
sustainable Samsung shell
sustainable Samsung shell
sustainable Samsung shell
Three Oceanmata products in Turquoise, mobile phone cases for Samsung models, Apple Airpod protective case, certificate for buyers and representation of the raw materials of production sugar, wood and bio-plastic
Representation of the turquoise oceanmata mobile phone protective cover Samsung S10, purchase certificate and Apple Airpod cover in the packaging with logo
sustainable Samsung shell
Compostable white oceanmata cell phone cases for Samsung models, certificate of purchase, compostable materials sugar cubes, wood chips, organic plastic in small piles.
sustainable Samsung shell
Black Oceanmata product series of Samsung phone cases for Galaxy Note20 and S10, Apple Airpod Pro Case, hero certificate for the buyer and recyclable manufacturing raw materials wood. Sugar and degradable plastic
sustainable Samsung shell
Turquoise trio of Oceanmata products Samsung Galaxy Note20 and S10 phone cases, Apple Airpod case, certificate of purchase and natural ingredients spruce, sugar cubes and compostable plastic.
sustainable Samsung shell
Biodegradable mobile phone cases and Apple Airpod case in white from Oceanmata, certificate of purchase, biobased substances wood, sugar and bioplastics
sustainable Samsung shell
Oceanmata buyer certificate, black mobile phone cases and Apple Airpod case, manufacturing materials of natural origin, sugar, spruce and degradable plastic.

sustainable Samsung shell

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Maximum protection for your phone:

Display breakage? 150 € refund with protection promise, phone case & protection glass.
Sustainable protective glass from Oceanmata®
In stock: in 2 - 3 days with you

Designed with love for the ocean

Your chance to make a difference!

"Do you feel helpless in the fight against Ocean Plastic?"

"I felt the same way. Then the idea was born to offer sustainable products that everyone can use to collect 1 kg of Ocean Plastic. Because small steps achieve big things. So we have already been able to collect over 200,000 kg of ocean plastic."

~ Dominik

Founder of Oceanmata

Already more than 150,000 Oceanmata members

Together for a plastic-free future

With over 150,000 Oceanmata members working together for a cleaner environment, we are a harmonious community. When will you become a part of our sustainable mission? Together we are creating a better world!

PS: The picture shows a wall of flipflops and caps. Come and visit us in Bali!