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Oceanlove Collection

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What does the ocean mean to you?

Freedom. Relaxation. Peace. - that's what the ocean means to us. The feeling of being in the ocean at sunset is simply indescribable. We show our love for the ocean through our Clean-Up Team in Bali, which collects and recycles ocean plastic every day. Would you like to embody your love for the ocean too?

With every product of the ENDLESS OCEANLOVE Collection you make a statement for the ocean. By doing so, you are doing without new plastic and actively fighting against the existing ocean pollution. 


Protect what you love keep the ocean plastic-free

Oceanlove Necklace

With our Oceanlove necklace you carry your ocean love close to your heart. The "stone" is made of recycled sea glass. Handmade in Bali.

Limited to 100 pieces

1 chain = 1 kg less Ocean Plastic

Oceanlove ring

With our Oceanlove Ring you wear your ocean love directly on your hand. The "stone" is made of recycled sea glass. Handmade in Bali.

Limited to 40 pieces

1 ring = 1 kg less Ocean Plastic

Oceanlove Case

With our Oceanlove cell phone case no questions remain unanswered: The Oceanlove is simply explained and visible for everyone*n and decorates your phone in the trend color of the year!

Limited to 200 pieces

1 Case = 1 kg less Ocean Plastic

Oceanlove Hoodie

With our Oceanlove Hoodie, no one can miss your statement for the ocean. It catches everyone's eye, whether viewed from the front or the back. The slow-fashion hoodie is made of 100% organic cotton and was produced under all-around fair conditions. In the trend color of the year, he is a real eye-catcher! 

Limited to 50 pieces

1 Hoodie = 1 kg less Ocean Plastic

Note: The Oceanlove Collection is strictly limited - it pays to be quick.

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Oceanmata - Team Bali

What do we do?

Every day Team Bali collects Ocean Plastic around Medewi in the west of Bali. Currently, the local team consists of 5 members.

The Ocean Plastic is sorted and recycled in our recycling station and then processed, for example, into beads for our bracelets.

By buying our products, you can be actively involved in protecting the ocean and providing a safe and fair income for all our employees.

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