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"1 product = 1 symbolic coral".

The Coral Edition

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What do we want to achieve with the Coral Edition?

Why are corals so important?

In total, the oceans of our world absorb about 30% of the world's carbon dioxide. A large part of this is absorbed by the corals of the oceans - they are an important part of the earth's natural filtering system. Not only are they beautiful with their magnificent colours, but they are also home to numerous marine creatures.

Due to global warming, deep bottom fishing with fishing nets and plastic waste pollution, the delicate coral ecosystem is under severe threat. Coral bleaching refers to the bleaching of stony coral canes, which can lead to the subsequent death of the corals - An increasingly common problem.

Together with EcosystemImpact, we want to tackle the problem. For the launch of the Coral Edition we will start to revive the coral reef around the islands near Sumatra (Indonesia)!

Become part of Coral Week


What is behind the Coral Edition?

At OceanMata, we have a vision of a world where products are made in harmony with nature. At the moment, our oceans are very endangered, which is why we see it as our duty to actively do something about it. With the Coral Edition, we want to create awareness for the endangerment of coral reefs. The cooperation with EcoSystemImpact gives us the opportunity to support a project near Sumatra (Indonesia). With the planting of two new reefs and a concept for creating sustainable awareness on site, we are convinced that we are taking a step in the right direction.

What is the current status of the project?

The launch of Coral Week also marks the start of the project in Sumatra. The focus is on protecting the existing coral reef and the marine environment from negative human stress factors. The project is divided into two steps:

1. replanting the reef with new corals grown on land.

2. awareness-raising and education on the ground. Initially, the focus is on the fishermen. Then, local communities are involved through programmes in schools. EcosystemImpact is building an education programme for fishermen that explains the relationship between a healthy and unhealthy reef and fish stocks.

How does the project work?

Our partner EcosystemImpact has realised that it is no use just planting new corals. The area is subject to illegal and destructive fishing methods, such as bomb and compression fishing, or anchoring (which damages corals). EcosystemImpact is developing an innovative, community-based ranger and fisheries programme. The aim is to build positive relationships with local government as well as fisher groups to ensure sustainable conservation. They will work with fishermen, traditional fishing groups (the Pangilma Laot) and the navy to maximise resource efficiency and achieve positive environmental outcomes as a collective.